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aww yeah August 12, 2008

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Yay for wordpress! Ever since I switched over here from Blogger I haven’t been able to blog from my Blackberry. A new day has dawned, internets! I can even add photos! (once I figure out how…) So maybe the new day hasn’t dawned quite yet, but we’re DEFINITELY in the murky morning blech. That’s what I call progress.


Ha Ha! I Have Overcome! March 16, 2008

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Oh yeah! After 3 days of trying, I have just successfully logged into and posted a blog from my Blackberry!
Granted, smoke is pouring from the blame thing, but the point is, I won!
Ha ha! You thought you could beat me, technology, but not today! I am savvy, I am sassy, I…have sore thumbs.


Out of Whack. That’s What It Is. March 14, 2008

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Ooooh but it’s all out of kilter. I changed the template, stuff’s moving around, margins are all kinds of messed up and I can’t add more blogs to the blogroll without others falling off.

Crud monkeys.