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In Which She Totally Comes Right Out and Says Whateves April 10, 2008

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Glory to His name, the week’s nearly over! This has been a long one, ladies. (Stephen, that includes you.) (You know you love it.)

So I got a laptop last week. Yeah, that’s right. Don’t get all judgy on me, either. I got an awesome deal and thanks to the government’s bizarre scheme to revive the economy (that, in my case, totally worked) it’s pretty muchly paid for. Yay.

I had all these lofty ideas of sitting in Panera, leisurly sipping a latte, chatting with the regulars and writing the moderately witty, infrequently posted mediocrity that a few of you have come to know and sort of like. However, that has proven, most ostinsibly, not to be the case. (Yeah, you heard me. Ostensibly. Look it up.) I HAVE been in Panera (every stinkin day),  gulping down coffee, ignoring the crazies while furiously working on my moderately intelligent, semi-coherent and decidedly mediocre paper for Lisa J. (This, of course, is my opinion. Lisa was very complimentary.) And today…today she declared me almost done and ordered that I take some time away from it to work on other things. So far those other things have been playing Jewel Quest (it’s addictive, like the Tetris), reading all my bloggy buddies’ posts, checking facebook, and texting my friends. Apparently when I relax my brain reverts to high school behavior. That’s cool, though. You know. Whateves.

Alright. That made me shudder, too.

But now. NOW I’m livin’ the dream, baby. Kind of. I’m at Panera, writing ridiculous nonsense, sipping my Mocha…still ignoring the crazies. No lie, there’s a teenager working behind the counter talking about pulling on his uvula. (The tiny punching bag that hangs in the back of your throat. It sounds dirty, but it’s not)

I’m still fighting the urge to go “I’m supposed to be working on something! Aren’t there dishes to do, or Bible studies to catch up on or, you know, gutters to be cleaned or something???” I’m trying to dial down the stress. I’m learning. I’m almost there. But the truth is (thank you, Pastor Steve) that sometimes it IS just time to relax. Sometimes you can’t do it, whatever IT may be, on the first try. Sometimes you need to take a step back, get some perspective, and try to ignore the guy pulling on his uvula.

Cross stitch THAT on a pillow, baby.

Peace out.


Practically Perfect in Every Way March 27, 2008

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I had the sweet privelege of keeping McSmelly’s Lisa H.’s precious girls tonight. Let me tell you what – if all kids were like these two girls, I’d run out right now and have a million of em. They’re polite, they do their homework without complaining, they say their prayers before supper, they LOVE SALADSOMUCH; I put Mary Poppins on and didn’t hear a peep from them for 2 solid hours except for their sweet giggles when Dick van Dyke acted like a penguin. We played games, they said their prayers (and were precious enough to include me in them) and, for goodness sake, went to bed (after brushing their teeth) without complaining.


I’m not entirely sure they’re not some kind of Stepford children. I’m taking them to the lab tomorrow to have their heads examined for robotic parts.

I’m not so naive as to think that they’re so insanely well behaved all the time, but, I must say, well done Mike and Lisa. I could just eat em up.

On a completely different note – I mentioned in the ever-so-popular meme that I am writing a paper for Lisa Johnson. This is part of the mentoring that we’re doing (most fun I’ve had in my LIFE) and I am suddenly confronted with two frightening realities.

1. I am so rusty I left red flakes all the way down the hall this morning. I sat down to write my paper last week and stared at the blank screen for a full half hour before I closed the document window and turned on Dancing With the Stars.

2. I do not have an original thought in my brain. Hah! That was just thrilling. I know what other people know, I know what I’ve been taught, but I realized today that I let all my Bible studies do the homework for me. Does that make sense? I’m not doing the digging myself and formulating my own opinions.

So, you know. Yikes.

Anyway, here’s to relearning learning. I’m up for it. I’m accepting (slowly) that I can’t do everything with ease on the first try. Shocking, I know. My reputation is tarnished. But, you know, I’m pretty sure only Miss Mary Poppins can claim the title “Practically Perfect in Every Way.” Now if  I had a handbag like THAT I’d be in business. Although – carpet isn’t really my style.

I’m more of a summer.


Irony. It is Not My Friend. March 20, 2008

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Are you ever just so tired that you can’t sleep? I am so exhausted-I’ve been up since 5:30 this morning, it’s about quarter to 12 and I can’t seem to wind down enough to drift off. Isn’t that just the way?

I wish I had something funny to talk about, but I mostly just want to bang my head against the wall till I pass out. At least I’d be sleeping.

The headache’s just not worth it.

Tylenol PM here I come.


A Title, if I Could Think of One, Would Go Here February 3, 2008

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I don’t know how much I love this new template. It doesn’t really reflect how FLIPPIN’ HAPPY I am these days. The cool thing is, everything’s so crazy and uncertain and unstable right now (that’s not the cool part) but I’m just so much at peace, and new doors are opening and I’m learning who I am as an individual (that is).

I know – in general, Christians don’t put too much stock in the word “happy.” Happy is circumstancial and temporary. But I tell you what, when you’ve got the joy of the Lord he sure can brighten up your day. So I’m happy being happy.

Good things going on this week:

*I found out that in no uncertain terms I AM NOT AS WEIRD AS I THOUGHT I WAS. Can I just say, beyond thrilling. Other women have been through the SAME JUNK I have (even the really really junky junk) and have come out on the other side happy and healthy and productive. Yee haw.

*I met sweet Merry. Now, I have to tell you that when I say we are alike in a lot of ways I mean NEARLY EVERY WAY. I told her yesterday that I wasn’t entirely sure that I’m not suffering from some sort of Fight Club syndrome and that when I talk to her I’m really just talking to myself. She is smart and funny and precious. And I should know. She’s very nearly me.

*I am studying so much Scripture, commentary, criticism, apologetics and self-examination study that I am pretty sure that when I’m done I’ll have earned some kind of double-PhD. Honestly. Who says you can’t get a theological degree at home?

*I started exercising again. Oh that Denise Austin (or Neesey, as I like to call her) we do have the love/hate relationship. As in I love to eat chips and queso and hate to jump around in my living room. But don’t be alarmed, every door is locked, every curtain is closed and every mini-blind is turned with that little rolley wand thing, because, truthfully, Jell-o jigglers have nothin’ on me, my friend. I would hate to scare a neighbor into cardiac arrest or something. But, you know, yay for exercise. It sucks, but hopefully I’ll be less frightening in a few months!

Boyfriendless life seems to be suiting me for the moment. Although, I need to share some thoughts soon about HOW STUPID I find it that ANYTHING that is REMOTELY RELATED to single Christian people is, in the end, nothing more than a dating service. Every website, every blog, every chat room devoted to single people is operating under the assumption that your highest goal in life is to find a husband and start makin’ babies like all the other NORMAL people in the world.

The eye is twitching.

But I digress.

So, you’ll have my ranting to look forward to, but hopefully with a sunny disposition.

Peace out


Pardon Me While I Hose Myself Down March 26, 2007

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For those of you who live in Atlanta, you know that March is a very special time of year. Spring comes early here. We already have green grass, leaves on the trees, the daffodills have already done their thing….and THE OAK TREES ARE ATTACKING US ALL. No lie. The trees are trying to kill us. Maybe it’s revenge for cutting them all down to build McMansion neighborhoods, or, even worse, those little cardboard box houses with 5 feet of “yard” around them.

Let me explain –

I walk outside on my lunch break thinking I might eat my lunch in the park or something. It’s nice out – unseasonably warm, sunny, all that – when I am BLOWN IN THE FACE BY A GIANT YELLOW DUST CLOUD. Pollen. And lots of it. I now have gross yellow crud all in my eyes, all over my clothes, and my black car is kind of a weird greenish color.

So I check the pollen count for today. The pollen scale is this:

And today’s pollen count is……..5,499!

They seriously need to rethink their scale.


If Only October 20, 2006

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It is times like these when you realize just how awesome health care is. How nice it is to just pay $20 and hear ‘the doctor will see you now.’ They take care of you, pat your knee, and give you a prescription that, when filled, will make it all go away in 24-48 hours.

It would be so sweet if I had medical insurance.

Unfortunately, I am doomed to sit here with my stuffy nose and achy head in my sweaty, clammy skin.

I feel like poop.


Haikus and Jicama October 14, 2006

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Saturday just feels different, doesn’t it? I start every Saturday out the same way. Get up, turn on the iTunes, bop around while I mop, vacuum, dust, do dishes, pry boyfriend from couch, fluff couch, then light yummy smelly candles. All the while, the sun just streams through the windows differently. The sky looks a little bluer, or if it’s raining, it’s deliciously darker. Since I work such ridiculous hours, Saturday is my only day to clean. I teach Saturday mornings, so it’s good that I always have that extra incentive to clean thoroughly. Company’s coming! God forbid they should see last night’s gooey pots and pans. I’m sure they wouldn’t care, but I really, really do.

But oh, Saturday. Once the teaching’s done, the day is wide open to do whatever I want. I spent today spending some time with a sweet girl that I usually teach on Wednesdays. She’s got an audition coming up, so we’re putting in some extra time. It feels good to be plugged in to the younger generation, even if I don’t understand WHAT is SO GREAT about Good Charlotte, or whatever stuff they’re listening to these days. Those whippersnappers, I tell you…

It’s funny, even though the styles and the music and the circumstances change, 14 is 14 is 14. Parents still have the same complaints, girls are still kicking and biting for every inch of ‘freedom’ they can possess, and oh the boys boys boys. The he-said, she-said never changes and school perpetually sucks. The part that makes my heart ache the most is how MUCH these kids thirst for approval. The majority of my students are in middle school and high school, and oh, the lengths they’ll go to, the things they’ll do, the individuality they’ll betray just to feel included, wanted, signficant. I suppose we all have to go through that, but at what cost? Isn’t there some class they can take where we adults show them where all the wrong paths lead? Pregnancy, rape, drugs, complacency, apathy, misery. For crying out loud kids, just don’t do it! I love ’em so. I do I do I do.


I went out last night. Like…OUT out. Yay! Man, that was the first time in I don’t know when that I’ve been downtown (Atlanta). Grace and I went to a cool little tapas restaurant where we could write on the tables. Oh yeah. We left a sweet haiku for our waitress. 😉 We had duck tostadas with mole sauce, and crab cakes on jicama salad. It was deLIcious. Then we went to uber-trendy Bazaar and sat on couches with moroccan lanterns and pillows in a room that could only have been darker if they had turned the lights completely out. The place was bumpin’ though, and the music was great. The only bummer, I came out smelling like an ashtray. But, hey, it’s a small price to pay for a night of freedom. Thank you, Grace, for dragging my sorry bee-hiney out even when I don’t want to go.