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The New ‘Do May 29, 2008

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Here it is, interpeeps. The front:

And the back:

Aw yeah.

The picture kind of loses the effect of the flippies, but you get the idea.

I need you to understand that this is the shortest my hair has been since 4th grade. My grandmother cut my hair when I was a kid, which meant that my hair was always short on the top, cut over the ears, and landed just at the nape of my neck. Now, if you read that closely enough, you know that what I’m describing is basically a mullet. It wasn’t strictly “all business in the front and a party in the back.” Mine wasn’t that fancy. Just plain ugly would about sum it up.

So ever since I’ve had any say-so in the styling of my hair, it’s been long long long. I grew it ridiculously long last year, had about 3 inches taken off for my sister’s wedding, then wasn’t cut again for 8 months. My poor hairdresser held the frayed, split, fried ends of my limp locks in her hand yesterday and made the “ooohhh…that’s bad….” face. I said – do whatever you want, but if you could cut it thicker that’d be great thankyouverymuch.

I love my girl. She’s completely amazing. If you’ve got the coin to drop on a fancy hair place (which I don’t, hence the 8 month haircutting hiatus) go see Amber at Joseph’s on the Square in Lawrenceville. She’s a blast, she’s amazing at the cutting of the hairs, and she shares my love of stupid Will Ferrell movies. Which, of course, is what we call a triple threat.


God is just ALL KINDS of good May 28, 2008

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The swelling’s gone, it was just inflammation, the sutures are out and she’s not going to have to have surgery!!! I’d write more, but I’m just too excited!

THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PRAYERS. It means everything.

Love you.


Puppy Update May 21, 2008

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I got a really encouraging call from the vet last night. Basically there’s a slim chance that the lump could be a combination of post-op inflammation and drainage fluid. She’s got an appointment next week to see if the swelling has gone down. If not, then they’ll have to do surgery. So, we’re praying for inflammation. Not intestines. Amen.


I Spoke Too Soon May 20, 2008

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So I thought I was doing the thing where you joke in relief earlier when I was talking about my dog.

Ginger, first of all, is the love of my life. I’ve had her 8 years, since she was 3 months old.

She has had, since her spaying when she was 1, a lypoma on her stomach. It’s just a fatty deposit and is generally harmless. I had been told for years that the lypoma was no big deal and that as long as it didn’t start to mess with her intestines she’d be fine. Well, hers got bigger and bigger over time and, as of last week, has torn a hole in her stomach. So basically the only thing separating her intestines from the wide world is her skin. She had emergency surgery last Tuesday/Wednesday (3 am!) to correct what is now a hernia. Two hours of surgery, two weeks of pitiful puppy and $2300 later I found out that the surgery failed. The emergency vet didn’t suture up the inside of her stomach lining, so basically, the hernia fell out again.

I know this may be gross, but I’ve got to vent. I’m positively devastated. She’s my girl. It’s just me and Ginger, you know? The vet says that she needs surgery again this week, but we’re not sure how long she’s going to live. My understanding right now is that she could live for 4-5 more years or she could go on the table.

So I’ve cried all afternoon, not so much because of the surgery or the money or any of that, but because the vet basically said ‘you might want to look at getting a puppy in case something happens.’ Now, I know that those of you who aren’t animal fans might not understand, but, um…if your kid was diagnosed as terminal would you run out and adopt a new one to replace them? The thought makes me sick. She’s my GIRL.

Anyway. It may all be fine. Hopefully since this surgery will be scheduled it’ll be much cheaper and they’ll do it right and she’ll have a few more years in her. God, I hope so. I just can’t think about the alternative. I just can’t.

So, if praying for animals is wrong, I don’t want to be right. Would y’all mind lifting up a few prayers of intercession for me and my pup? I would appreciate it more than you can know.

Thanks y’all.


Well Hellooooo!

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Oh right, I have a blog!

These past few weeks have been ridiculous. BUT! It is good! Assuming everything goes well at the Vet today, my puppy is NOT going to die; I’m clearing a bunch of stuff out of my house and we’re having a HUGE garage sale this weekend (you all need to come and buy the Great! Vintage! Stuff!); and the moment the garage sale is over, my new roomie is moving in!

So it looks like once the dust settles, I’ll have a pretty good thing going on. Until then, I’m still running around like the proverbial headless chicken.

I miss you guys, and I’ll be back soon! I promise!

I hope there is still a ‘you guys’ out there!!




*cricket cricket*