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My Sister is a Cosmetics Professional April 25, 2008

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Heard on the phone 5 minutes ago:


Me: Sister, are you on-fire busy right now?

Amanda: YES let me finish putting this woman’s eyelashes on and I’ll call you right back. *click*


Do You Know How Much God Loves You? April 19, 2008

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He loves you enough to help you find that shirt you misplaced so you can get out the door and into work on time. Enough to make sure you don’t knock over your coffee onto the carpet. Enough to keep that car from swerving into you. Enough to get you out of that job you thought you were preparing for and into the work He has prepared for you. Enough to say yes. So much that He’ll say no. He loves you so much that at times He’ll answer your prayers before you’ve said ‘amen’ and enough that sometimes He’ll remain silent on a matter for years. He loves you SO MUCH that He’ll provide everything you need from your smallest desire to your most crucial necessity. And so much that sometimes He’ll let the bottom fall out, leaving you with nothing but but His mighty hand to cling to.

He loves you so much.



So very much that His Son wasn’t too dear a price to pay for eternal communion with you. So much that when He calls you to carry your cross, He requires you to step out on faith and lift it up so that you may have the joy in the realization that you don’t carry that cross alone. You’ll find Christ under that cross with you, shouldering the burden with you, relieving the Lion’s share of the weight.

You are precious to Him. You. You are everything to Him.


THE God.

The One who called the entire universe into being. The One who painted that sunset. The One. The One and Only. The Almighty. He loves you. And not just that brotherly love stuff. Nope, for you He brings out the big guns. The Agape love. He loves you with a divine, unconditional, self-sacrificing, active, and thoughtful love.

I promise.

The Bible tells me so.

So believe it. Your doubt and self-deprecation and lingering guilt doesn’t make it any less true. Neither does mine. Embrace the truth of His promises and free yourself up for uninhibited worship.

He is worthy.


In Which She Totally Comes Right Out and Says Whateves April 10, 2008

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Glory to His name, the week’s nearly over! This has been a long one, ladies. (Stephen, that includes you.) (You know you love it.)

So I got a laptop last week. Yeah, that’s right. Don’t get all judgy on me, either. I got an awesome deal and thanks to the government’s bizarre scheme to revive the economy (that, in my case, totally worked) it’s pretty muchly paid for. Yay.

I had all these lofty ideas of sitting in Panera, leisurly sipping a latte, chatting with the regulars and writing the moderately witty, infrequently posted mediocrity that a few of you have come to know and sort of like. However, that has proven, most ostinsibly, not to be the case. (Yeah, you heard me. Ostensibly. Look it up.) I HAVE been in Panera (every stinkin day),  gulping down coffee, ignoring the crazies while furiously working on my moderately intelligent, semi-coherent and decidedly mediocre paper for Lisa J. (This, of course, is my opinion. Lisa was very complimentary.) And today…today she declared me almost done and ordered that I take some time away from it to work on other things. So far those other things have been playing Jewel Quest (it’s addictive, like the Tetris), reading all my bloggy buddies’ posts, checking facebook, and texting my friends. Apparently when I relax my brain reverts to high school behavior. That’s cool, though. You know. Whateves.

Alright. That made me shudder, too.

But now. NOW I’m livin’ the dream, baby. Kind of. I’m at Panera, writing ridiculous nonsense, sipping my Mocha…still ignoring the crazies. No lie, there’s a teenager working behind the counter talking about pulling on his uvula. (The tiny punching bag that hangs in the back of your throat. It sounds dirty, but it’s not)

I’m still fighting the urge to go “I’m supposed to be working on something! Aren’t there dishes to do, or Bible studies to catch up on or, you know, gutters to be cleaned or something???” I’m trying to dial down the stress. I’m learning. I’m almost there. But the truth is (thank you, Pastor Steve) that sometimes it IS just time to relax. Sometimes you can’t do it, whatever IT may be, on the first try. Sometimes you need to take a step back, get some perspective, and try to ignore the guy pulling on his uvula.

Cross stitch THAT on a pillow, baby.

Peace out.


Man, Can He Sing April 8, 2008

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Since the 40th anniversary of the death of MLK was 4 days ago, this is a little late, but I just found it tonight. This is, of course, a cover of the U2 song, but  John Legend does it such elegant justice. He really is just amazing. Let me know what y’all think.


Voting April 4, 2008

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Praise God! April 2, 2008

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Erin Blonshine is in remission!!! Yes, you read that right! Now, click here and read all about it!