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Fiddle Dee Dee October 13, 2006

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So I am officially the last person in America to have a blog. I’ve never blogged. I’ve never really read blogs until lately. From what I gather they’re just diaries that people can read. Which is weird. I spent years hiding my diary from prying eyes (read: snoops), and here we are just laying our souls bare for the world to see. Hmm.

Anyway, a little about me, if you’re interested:

I am an adminstrative assistant at a church by day and a violin teacher by night. Which leaves approximately no time for anything else. I still try though! I’m a rabid reader/knitter/crocheter. More crochet than knitting these days, due to the excessive suck factor associated with my knitting skills. I am positively addicted to Bible Studies. I’m in two right now, Beth Moore’s Daniel and Disciple III. Disciple runs August through April, so it’s almost like being in school again, with nearly as much work! I love it, though. What can I say about Beth Moore? Her teaching has changed my life. She’s amazing. I HIGHLY recommend her studies.

I could do a long list of likes and dislikes, but you guys (if there’s anyone out there) probably don’t give a rip, so I’ll maybe just give you an idea…

* I had sushi for dinner (yay!)
* I spent half my day at the church this morning doing my very favorite part of my job, which is creating event advertising posters in MS Publisher
* The next 10 songs on shuffle on my iPod are:
Ice – Sarah McLachlan
Bigger Than My Body – John Mayer
Information Travels Faster – Death Cab for Cutie
Until the End of the World – U2
Nightingale – Norah Jones
String Quartet No. 8 – Shostakovich
Appalachia Waltz – O’Conner, Ma, Meyer
King of Glory – Third Day
The Rooster Moans – Iron & Wine
My Old Man – Joni Mitchell
* My best, best friend is my mom
* I’m addicted to chai tea
* My last vacation was to the mountains of West Virginia
* I HAVE to watch Lost every Wednesday. Don’t call me on Wednesday. I won’t answer. No.
* This is my new car! Unfortunately, I had to nearly be killed in my old car to get it.
* As far as I can tell MySpace sucks. Except that I found a friend there I haven’t seen in 13 years. Yay! But I mean honestly…how many freaky deaky porn groups are going to ‘invite’ me in? Blech.

So that’s me for now.

And her first blog is complete.

Peace Out.


One Response to “Fiddle Dee Dee”

  1. brinki dink Says:

    Appalachia Waltz, yeah Sister! I love your blog already. I’m so terrified to hear about your car accident and so glad you are okay.

    Welcome to the blogosphere!

    First. Commenter. Ever.
    (as said by the nerdy comic book guy from the Simposon)

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